About Jorte

Jorte is an application designed for smartphones and tablets
that combines the ease of use of a paper organizer with the
handiness of a portable device.

As easy as your paper

Jorte has been developed after a detailed study of paper organizers. As one day can be used any number of ways, we have designed the App keeping in mind ease of use. Furthermore, we always listen to our customers opinion, and we continuously strive to improve user friendliness.

A wealth of features.

Jorte is the most fully featured calendar application inthe world. Not only does it allow you to add daily events, but also to create diary entries with pictures, Task Lists, Event Calendars, Highly Customizable options, and it is full of useful functions. The way to manage an organizer depends on the person and you can make Jorte look the way you like.

Synchronize with several Calendar Services.

Jorte can be easily synchronized with the calendar services listed in the following box. Thus Jorte Events can appear on the synchronized calendars and, vice-versa, events from the synchronized calendars can appear in Jorte. Schedule management is now even more convenient.

<Calendar Services Synchronizing with Jorte>

Google Calendar iOS Calendar Yahoo! Calendar / Yahoo! ID

Supported in 27 languages.

Not only English, the application supports also Chinese and many more languages, 27 to be precise. All the world likes Jorte.

<Languages supported by Jorte>

English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Catalonian, Garisian

Downloads graph

Over 30 million DL from all around the world,
11 million DL only from Japan.

From its first release, Jorte has been downloaded over 30 million times, of which about 11 million times from Japan. People all around the world enjoy Jorte Calendar.